At Azitech, we know that it is a vital part to have a solid distribution and warehousing strategy. It may be of fundamental necessity to be able to compete in a global environment. We have a strategic collaboration with our suppliers, which means that we can integrate a fixed delivery agreement which makes it flexible […]

What do we offer?

At Azitech we always do our outmost to satisfy our costumers. Our primary job is to support and take care of everything related to PCB’s. We aid you from start to finish in the entire process, and we always try to find solutions that satisfy the expectations of our customers. We can handle everything related […]

PCB Lamination

PCB Lamination When choosing PCB technology for your board, you should know that the PCB factory has different lamination options to meet your required PCB technology on your board. The lamination method used is based on your PCB type and in addition on the type of PCB technology you will apply to the PCB during […]

Fineline Width and line spacing

Chemical etching of a PCB is usually done with ammonium persulfate or ferric chloride. The thickness of standard copper sheets are typically 18 µm or 35 µm. Higher accuracy and fineline etching can be achieved by reducing the copper sheets thickness to 12, 9 or even 6 µm. Keep in mind that in most cases […]

PCB Layout Guide

Designing your board is a very important and exciting stage in the PCB development. There are many limitations and requirements that need you need to remember when designing it. Making a mistake in the design phase will cause starting all over again and result in starting another production if it is not caugt in the […]

Surface finish for PCB by Azitech ApS

Choosing the correct PCB surface finish for your application requires taking factors into account like cost, the final application requirement like solder joint strength, high-heat, thermal, vibration, stability, RF, component density, single or multiple solder processes, shelf life, shock, drop resistance, production volume, and throughput. Selecting the right surface finish is therefore extremely important to […]