PCB Data Security

Have you ever been worried about data security? Or even thought about how many people/ companies you hand over your work to? 

At Azitech we believe in maintaining your safety, and therefore we handle data with enormous care.

Design Center

Our Design Center is your new PCB Ressource hub with vast information for you to download.

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DFM Analysis

Our free DFM analysis will check your files from 40 critical design rules.

The supply chain

It is our experience that purchasers receive the gerber packages and forward this to your direct partners and other brokers to perform a benchmark, hereby having prices and lead times in mind.

But we believe this supply chain is very vulnerable to IP leaks as many Chinese factories receives all your production data. We want to mitigate risks and take several precautions in protecting your data.

How we protect your IP

At Azitech we will protect your Intellectual Property, by keeping the data on our encrypted servers at all times.

We have developed a number of unique software’s and procedures that protect our customers. Fir instance like with framing from sharing your IP to an entire Supply chain.

Even when starting on order at the selected factory, the original files are not shared, as Azitech’s own CAM department will prepare your files for production.

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