Our services

1. PCB Service

We will give you the best PCB services and solutions. 

2. PCB Design layout

We offer PCB layout designers and consultants, to help solve your PCB issues.

PCB Layout Basics

PCB Service

At Azitech we offer a wide range of services. Our main goal is to bring added value and thoughtful service solutions to our business partners. Azitech strives to be known for creating great customer experiences, and being your partner during the whole process.

Some of our services include:

  • Tracking of your order
  • COC Reports
  • Warehousing & Just-in-time delivery of your goods
  • On-site quality inspection in Denmark
  • WIP report – Work in progress 
  • Specific packing instructions

We offer a complete range of PCB products from 1-72 layers. Our layout department can give you assistance with your PCB design, or you can choose to outsource it to us. Moreover, we can provide you with a free DFM analysis, various warehousing options, and fast deliveries to give you more flexibility.

We have a range of delivery options from standard to express prototype delivery, and we are continuously working on giving our customers the best quality and reliability.


We help companies in the need of professional sparring about their PCB design layout, if there is a lack of internal resources. We know our PCB design rules and we will advice based on your request for chip packages and quantities. Our huge experience with solving TQ’s on NPI’s enable us to customize to fit the PCB factory perfectly. Benefits like cost optimization and fewer iterations will be inevitable.  

Our dedicated PCB designteam can help you with

  • PCB Layout and design review
  • Signal Integrity service: (Impedance, Length-matching, Phase-matching, Layer allocation, crosstalk shielding)
  • Manage your projects
  • Cost optimization 
  • PCB stack-up design
  • DFM Design for manufacturing (Yield optimization, Cost optimization, Component selection, Identification of technology/cost drivers)
  • DFD Design for development (Advanced probing, modularity, reusability, and so on.)

The Team

We have a team of 6 different PCB Layouters. Our whole team is specialized in Layout but their profiles and experiences are various. They support different tools like Altium, Cadence, Zuken and PADS. We got departments in Germany and Romania. We will help choose the PCB layouter that is the best fit for your project.

The Azitech PCB design team can work onsite or remotely on your PCB projects. We can actively lead the PCB design or assist you in the process of designing the PCB.  

Prices will be depending on the project size. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a noncommittal talk about your project and layout needs! 

Rigid Flex PCB

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Phone Number: +45 66 13 07 68

PCB Layout Design