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Azitech is a Danish company with expert knowledge, extraordinary service and many years of experience with printed circuit board manufacturing.

We offer custom-made PCBs from 1-76 layers. By choosing a cooperation with Azitech Aps you are guaranteed time reductions and a partner throughout your whole project.  

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Azitech - Experts In Secured PCB Connections​

Azitech - Experts In Secured PCB Connections​

Azitech is a Danish company with expert knowledge, extraordinary service and many years of experience with printed circuit board manufacturing.

We offer customized printed circuit boards between 1 and 76 layers, which are produced from suppliers in Europe and Asia. We have close collaborations with our suppliers, who are all specialists in their respective fields.

If you choose Azitech ApS, you are guaranteed time savings and a sparring partner throughout your project, with audited factories.

What makes Azitech different?


We have a very extensive quality control on our printed circuit boards. From receiving your order until it is shipped, we make sure all processes are checked, and that the boards are tested according to the relevant production standards.


Your files have the outmost importance to Azitech. Safety is essential to us and has the highest priority. All data is encrypted. Production data is stored on secure servers. We can exchange data through cloud solutions.


In our partnerships, we are always adapting to changing needs and demands. This is what differentiate us. Our can-do mentality drives us to find the right answer to your PCB question without limitations or delays.


At Azitech, we understand everyone’s needs are different, our businesses provides a customized experience to ensure that we always capture what is important to your PCB supply chain.


With Azitech, you will gain access to a wide range of different technologies within PCB production. We can produce all kinds of technologies with our close collaborations, who are all specialists in their respective fields.


We strive to provide the most transparent PCB purchasing process, allowing you to focus on what is important to your organization, safe in the assurance that our secure processes are always working for you.

A dedicated and powerful team, that strengthens your company.

At Azitech, you will always be surrounded by a highly driven, talented team and we encourage our employees to contribute their ideas, and personal development to help shape our and yours success story.

Whether you are designing or developing, in customer support, sales, marketing or finance – we are always on the lookout for new talents in various departments.

PCB Production

At Azitech, we have cooperated with factories around the world for several years. Also, we have suppliers in most of Europe who can help with both simple and complex printed circuit board productions.

PCB Compliance

We have been advancing safety science in support of PCB conformance assessments for more than 20 years and can help increase consumer confidence in your products.

Azitech's industry expertise

Bringing years of experience in many sectors, we collaborate with clients from various industries to help them walk along with the constant change in technology. With experience in crossing 50+ industries, our designers, consultants and engineers have the ability to drive comprehensive industrial solutions. Azitech draws a deep industry understanding to make companies competitive.

We unlocks the opportunities for growth and innovation.

Azitech’s printed circuit boards are used as key components in equipment that provides power for aircraft, satellites, control towers, defense microwave antennas and other systems. Azitech’s factories supply 1-76 layers of both Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCB types, with materials such as Rogers, Arlon and other materials with low Df and Dk. Our factories are ESA and Nadcap approved and supply special technology such as surface finish with ENEPIG, Immersion silver and solder masks with low degassing requirements.


Azitech is often used on the basis of high quality assurance and expert benchmarking of both prototypes and mass production. The industrial segment includes measurement, process and power equipment, which are segments with very versatile specification requirements. 16 layers with 0.28 mm copper in each layer. Standard 4 layers with blind vias from each side. 10 layer boards with high aspect ratio.


Azitech’s printed circuit boards are used in medical equipment, such as CT scanners, Ultrasound, dental 3D scanners and many other equipment. We have experience in the production of rigid printed circuit boards with 24 layers, with soldermask string down to 75µm, with the possibility of going even lower. In addition, Flex and Rigid-flex are also used in solutions where the printed circuit board must be able to fit in a space-limited area. Our huge supplier network is one of our strongest advantages for this type of application in particular.


Printed circuit boards are used in semiconductors to connect the electronic components in semiconductors or ICs and in passive devices such as capacitors, inductors or resistors. At Azitech, we are used to producing advanced PCBs with many layers, with multilamination technology, using stacked vias, staggered vias, skipped vias as both blind and burried vias. Stack-up and signal integrity are part of our standard service before production starts.


EMS partners we work with

We work closely with many EMS’s to make your job easier. We produce according to your EMS partners panel standards to fit their machines.

You can order directly through us, and we will handle all communication with your chosen EMS partner.

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