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Azitech is a Danish company with expert knowledge, excellent service, and decades of experience with PCB manufacturing.

We offer a wide range of custom made circuit boards between 1-76 layers with production in Europe and Asia. We have strong and long-time relationships with our suppliers and know exactly what capabilities they have.

When choosing Azitech ApS, you are ensured saving time, resources and products that match your expectations.

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Design Center

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DFM Analysis

We offer a free DFM analysis to ensure your PCB layout is without faults and mistakes.

Benefits of working with us


We are with you from the start until the finish line…

To make a PCB is a complex process. With decades of PCB manufacturing experience, we have expert knowledge, and we cooperate with every factory that can fulfil your PCB demands. 

With our expertise you get design optimization and non-biased material selection. We benchmark and match your wishes with the best supplier fit and save you the trouble of finding the right supplier yourself. And you are fully insured throughout the whole process.

Design For Manufacturing

Industries we work with

Space and Aerospace

Space and Aerospace

Azitech PCBs are used as key component in equipment that powers aircrafts, satellites, control towers, defense microwave antennas and other systems. Azitech factories supplies 1-76 layers, in both Rigid board and Rigid-Flex board types using materials like Rogers, Arlon and other materials with low Df and Dk. Our factories have ESA - and Nadcap certifications and supply special technology like surface finishes like ENEPIG, Immersion silver and solder masks with low outgassing requirements.



Azitechs PCBs are used in medical devices, such as CT scanners, Ultra sonics, dental 3D scanners and many other devices. We have experiences with Rigid boards production of 24 layers with soldermask string down to 75µm and the option to go even lower. Other types of applications are Flex and rigid-Flex solutions, where a PCB have to be fitted into a very small space. Our huge factory network for especially this type of applications is one of our strongest capabilities.



Azitech is often used for its high reliability and expertise in benchmarking both prototyping and volume production. Industrial segments includes measuring -, process - and power equipment, which is segments with very versatile requirements. 16 layers with 0,28 mm copper in each layer. Standard 4 layer with blind vias form each side. 10 layer boards with high aspect ratio.



PCBs are used in semiconductors to connect the electronic components in semiconductors, or ICs, and in passive devices such as capacitors, inductors, or resistors. At Azitech we are very used to advanced PCB production with many layers of PCBs, with multi lamination technology, use of stacked vias, staggered vias, skipped vias as both blind and buried vias. Stack-up and signal integrity is a part of our standard service prior to production starts.


PCB Service Denmark

Power supply

PCB Layout Basics

HDI Technology

PCB Layout Services


PCB Technologies

Soldering of a BGA

PCB Production Companies

Surface finish

Article about surface finish trends in the PCB industry. Describing advantages and disadvantages of Silver, ENIG, ENEPIG, LF HASL & OSP/ENTK.

PCB Layout Basics

PCB Layout Guide

Designing your board is very important and exiting stage in the PCB development. There are many limitations and requirements that need you need to remember when designing it.

Design For Manufacturing PCB

Fineline Width and line spacing

Production in Asia, the fineline limit is currently 60 µm. Our special PCB production partners in Europe can do finelines down to 35 µm.

DFM Design

PCB Lamination

When selecting PCB technology for your board, you should know the PCB factories have different lamination options to meet the required PCB technology of your board. Read more about laminates in the article here.

Design For Manufacturing

What do we offer?

At Azitech we always do our outmost to satisfy our costumers. Our primary job is to support and take care of everything related to PCB’s. We aid you from start to finish in the entire process, and we always try to find solutions that satisfy the expectations of our customers.

PCB Technologies

PCB Design Layout

Designing your board is very important and exiting stage in the PCB development. There are many limitations and requirements that need you need to remember when designing it.

Denmark HDI Ranking


At Azitech, we know it is vital to have a solid distribution and warehousing strategy. It can be of fundamental importance in order to compete in a globalized environment.



Azitech in space

One of the industries we work with is the Space industry, which always demands the highest technical performance and reliability.

Azitech Timeline

Azitech ApS was founded in 2004 by Robert Dam Ludvigsen. Since the beginning, Azitech has evolved from the Scandinavian market, to distributing printed circuit boards across the entire world.

Azitech In The City

When strolling though the city in Denmark, you might not pay much conscious attention to infrastructure and traffic lights. But PCB´s exist in a lot of things, probably also objects you have never even considered.

Azitech In Medical

Since 2004, Azitech ApS has contributed to many different industries. One of our biggest sectors is supplying Printed Circuit Boards to the medical industry

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