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PCB Production

Azitech has cooperated with factories in Asia and Europe for over 18 years. Which makes us capable of producing various of different prints, with the right suppliers capabilities.

Our suppliers in Europe and Asia can produce both simple boards, but also very complex circuit boards up to 72 layers. We produce both PCB’s and PCBA’s.

Rigid: up to 72 layers  

Rigid Flex: up to 36 layer 50 µm line and space, 50 µm laser micro via, minimum dielectric 12 µm

 Flex: up to 12 layers

 HDI Type 1, 2, 3 & 4

Aluminum boards

Hybrid Power PCB


Heavy copper Boards

SBU HDI Boards

Fine lines: down to 0,03 mm

SM Bridges: down to 0,075 mm

Aspect Ratio: 21:1 (PTH)

Ultra Thick Copper: 200-500 µm

Copper Inlay PCB


Surface finishes

PCB Design And Layout

Advantages of OSP / ENTEK

  • Flat Surface
  • Cheap
  • Simple Process
  • Re-workable
  • Environmental friendly

Disadvantages of OSP / ENTEK

  • No Way to Measure Thickness
  • Not Good for PTH (Plated Through Holes)
  • Short Shelf Life
  • Can Cause ICT Issues
  • Exposed Cu on Final Assembly
  • Handling Sensitive
PCB Production Service

Advantages of ENIG

  • Flat Surface
  • No Pb
  • Good for PTH (Plated Through Holes)
  • Long Shelf Life

Disadvantages of ENIG

  • Expensive
  • Not Re-workable
  • Black Pad / Black Nickel can occurs
  • Damage from ET
  • Signal Loss (RF)
  • Complicated Process
PCB Technologies


  • Plane surface makes it ideal for finepitches
  • Environmentally better than ENIG and HASL
  • Shelf life equal to HASL
  • Cheaper than ENIG
  • Fine for ALU bonding
  • Stronger solder joint than ENIG
  • Good for EMS shielding

Disadvantages of IMMERSION SILVER

  • Must be soldered within the day the PCB is removed from storage
  • Can be tarnished easily with improper handling
  • Less durable than ENIG due to no layer of nickel underneath
PCB Production Service

Advantages of ENEPIG

  • Extremely Flat Surface
  • No Lead Content
  • Multi-Cycle Assembly 
  • Excellent Solder Joints
  • Wire Bondable
  • No Corrosion Risks
  • 12 Month or Greater Shelf Life
  • No Black Pad Risk

Disadvantages of ENEPIG

  • Still Somewhat More Expensive
  • Is Re-Workable with Some Limitations
  • Processing Limits
PCB Production Companies

Advantages of LF HASL

  • Low Cost
  • Widely Available
  • Re-workable
  • Excellent Shelf Life

Disadvantages of LF HASL 

  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Not Good for Fine Pitch
  • Contains Lead (HASL)
  • Thermal Shock
  • Solder Bridging
  • Plugged or Reduced PTH’s (Plated Through Holes)

Mass production

At Azitech, we are used to handling production of prototypes and mass production. With our manufacturing contracts in Asia and Europe, we can support you with problem free transitions from prototype to volume production. We are your partner trough the entire process and we will help and guide you with you PCB projects from design phase to production.

Design For Manufacturing PCB


By using Azitech´s storage services in Europe, it is possible for you to get fast deliveries. The lead time from our warehouse to any place in Europe is approximately 1-2 days. Our storage is ESD secured, and all printed circuit boards are vacuum-packed. Furthermore, our partners stock Rogers, Megtron 6, Isola, etc., which gives us the possibility of fast lead times for your production. We require a purchase order, in order to reserve stock. Please contact us for more information.


Azitech has onsite laboratory in Denmark, here we have the possibility of quality checking your PCB´s.

The testing includes:

  • Visual inspections services
  • Tape test
  • ESD handling
  • Vacuum packing
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