Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that overall cost and chances of potential DFM issues can be minimized. At Aziteh we will check your design on 40 different design rules.

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DFM Analysis

Our free DFM analysis will check your files from 40 critical design rules.

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Then we send back a report that contains the following:

  • Free DFM check on 40 different design rules.
  • Comparison of our netlists and your gerber files. This gives a picture of potential problems.
  • Confirmation that you have all the files you need to start production.

A DFM report helps you to avoid design errors early in the design phase.

At the same time as the DFM report, we also send a price of what your printed circuit board will cost to produce.

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With a DFM Analysis You Can Avoid Manufacturing Issues - Reducing Costs & Time


Reduce costs by getting your design right in the first go.


Avoid wasting precious time


Get your product right in the first go, order a sample and test your product


Our DFM report will show any design rule violations.

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that the overall cost and chances of potential DFM (design for manufacturability) issues can be minimized. It is a process of arranging the PCB layout to resolve problems that may arise during fabrication and assembly.

DFM checks each design before the files go for production. It will point out the potential defects in advance and ensure the boards are manufactured to the exact specifications.

Optimizing a board to avoid fabrication issues creates the requirement of design for fabrication (DFF). In the same way, circuit board assembly problems are targeted by adopting a design for assembly (DFA). DFM is the amalgamation of these two processes which is used for turnkey boards (both fabrication and assembly).

Is Your PCB Design Ready For Manufacturing?

Our free DFM check includes following 40 design rules:

Signal checks
Plane checks
Solder Mask Checks
Silk Screen Checks
Drill Checks
Conductor width
Annular ring
Drill to cobber
Hole registration
Missing copper
Features connection
Missing holes
Unconnected lines
Rout to copper
Drill to copper
Annular ring
Conductor width
Thermal air gap / spoke width
Missing copper
Rout to copper
Drill registration
Clearance smaller than hole
Solder mask clearance
Rout to mask
Missing solder mask clearance
Exposed lines
Partial clearances
Silk screen to mask spacing
Silk screen to copper spacing
Silk screen to hole spacing
Line width
Text height
Hole size
Duplicate holes
Hole spacing
Touching holes
Plane shorts
Holes to rout
Missing holes

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