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At Azitech we offer a wide range of services and tools in collaboration with our designers and consultants. Our team has a wide range of experience within different fields. We can assist you with project management, design adjustments, consultant services and much more.

For more information of our designers key skills, and competencies please see below.

Design Center

Our Design Center is your new PCB Ressource hub with vast information for you to download.

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DFM Analysis

Our free DFM analysis will check your files from 40 critical design rules.

Our Danish Layout Specialist:

  • Has more than 10 years experience as a consultant within spectroscopy, computer vision, professional cameras, satellite communication, etc.
  • Is skilled in all areas of the design, from requirement specification to system design. Including schematic design, PCB layout, mechanical integration, prototype procurement, bring-up testing, etc.
  • Can work with following technologies: High speed design (+10G), signal integrity, Ethernet, DDR memories, FPGAs, switch mode power supplies, image sensors, battery applications, USB 3, LVDS, LVPECL, 2GHz+ RF layout, and many others
  • HDI, flex-rigid, flex, RF board layout.

Key Experiences:

  • High speed digital design (+10G)
  • Signal integrity
  • Ethernet
  • DDR memories
  • FPGAs
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Image sensors
  • Miniaturization
  • Battery applications
  • USB 3
  • RF layout and testing
  • HDI
  • Flex-rigid and flex designs

Our German Layout Specialist:

  • is certified as CID+(International) and ZED(German).
  • has a Physics PhD working on large scale, astronomical instrumentation (e.g. telescopes, satellites and similar.), with a focus on low noise performance and decentralized custom designed electronic control systems. (Publications list available up on request)
  • is Altium Advanced certified and specialist since 2009 
  • has Layout experience since 2003. 
  • has 4 years of experience as an electronics technician with a focus on EMS.


  • System and project integration of PCB developments and multi-PCB systems
  • Complex (F)PCB(A) developments, including cooling, EMI, DFM, DFA compatible design
  • Cost and lead-time acceleration of existing designs
  • If needed project lead for PCB(A) development with multiple E-Engineers, PCB-Designer, CAM-Technicians etc.
  • Routing of all kinds of circuits (Digital, Analog, Power, Antenna etc.)
  • CAM/Gerber based alteration of existing designs

Our Indian Specialist:

  • Is experience with low power analog circuit designs
  • Can work with analog testing and debugging strategies and features
  • Has a superior ability to work with PCB fabricators
  • Has vast experience in all of the industry leading PCB Design tools
  • Has extensive understanding of printed circuit mechanical design processes
  • Has an outstanding ability to work under high-pressure deadlines
  • Has developed and maintained PCB libraries of 1000+ parts
  • Is able to collaborate with internal and external teams
  • Is compliant with IPC


Altium: Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Design Rule Manager, Draftsman
Cadence OrCAD: PCB Editor, Design Capture CIS, PCB Router, Constraint Manager
Xpedition PCB: PCB Editor, DX Designer, PCB Router, Constraint Manager
CAM 350 and Valor Genesis: DFM Checks, Film preparation

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