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Come and join us at different events and strengthen your PCB knowledge and competencies.

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Upcoming events, seminars, webinars and more

Azitech does not only want to supply high-quality printed circuit boards at a cheap price. We are deeply committed to high-tech printed circuit board production and, through events, want to give you and us the best conditions for designing printed circuit boards by arranging courses, seminars and webinars within the technology that you may need. 

We have organized many webinars, workshops and seminars over time, which we have been able to hold with great pleasure in collaboration with our good network of experts in the field of printed circuit board design. The topics have previously been: HDI technology, flex PCBs, “Noise, EMI and signal integrity” and much more.

If you have any questions or ideas for future events that could benefit you and others, please give us a call on +45 66 13 07 68