Power Supply

A customer of ours, was working on a power supply project and needed a 12-layer build-up with 0.28 mm copper in each layer. They had problems with this project, as they could not find a suitable production site in either China or Europe.  Our PCB consultant collaborated with the customer’s engineers and established a stack-up according […]

Soldering of a BGA

We currently produce a 24 layer board in China. The PCB has a solder mask dam of 80 µm and we can support even smaller solder mask dams. In general you always need to ensure the best soldering yield on your BGAs. For µBGA’s where the pitches equal to or is smaller than 0.5 mm, […]


Add Your Heading Text Here A customer within Satellite and Communication, buys a 16-layer board in volume production (10,000 pcs) in China for around USD 10, -/pcs. We are informed of this target price and offer them a price of USD 5.36/pcs. In this collaboration, there is a mutual relationship of trust, which means that […]

HDI Technology

A semiconductor customer in need of a prototype and volume production of 32 layers of stacked vias, had tried to produce the PCB with various partners in China. Azitech visited these PCB partners and would not have used them for this project due to their technology limits, which were too close to the print’s design […]