A semiconductor consists of an electrical conductivity such as copper, and an insulator such as glass. It controls and manages the flow of the electric current in electrical devices. It is a popular component of electronic chips made for computers and other devices. Printed circuit boards are used in semiconductors to connect the electronic components […]


Azitech’s printed circuit boards are used in medical equipment, such as CT scanners, Ultrasound, dental 3D scanners and many other equipment. We have experience in the production of rigid printed circuit boards with 24 layers, with soldermask string down to 75µm, with the possibility of going even lower. In addition, Flex and Rigid-flex are also […]


Azitech is often used on the basis of high quality assurance and expert benchmarking of both prototypes and mass production. The industrial segment includes measurement, process and power equipment, which are segments with very versatile specification requirements. 16 layers with 0.28 mm copper in each layer. Standard 4 layers with blind vias from each side. […]

Space & Spacetransport

Azitech’s printed circuit boards are used as key components in equipment that provides power for aircraft, satellites, control towers, defense microwave antennas and other systems. Azitech’s factories supply 1-76 layers of both Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCB types, with materials such as Rogers, Arlon and other materials with low Df and Dk. Our factories are ESA […]