RO3000 series laminates are ceramic-fi lled PTFE based circuit materials with mechanical properties that are consistent regardless of the dielectric constant selected. This allows the designer to develop multi-layer board designs that use different dielectric constant materials for individual layers, without encountering warpage or reliability problems.

Nx9000 series

Manufactured at Neltec®, the N9000 PTFE laminate system is the next generation material system designed for critical microwave components, antennas, power amplifiers and subassemblies.

N9000-13rf series

The Nelco® N9000-13 RF is a next generation PTFE Performance. Blended product which combines the RF electrical properties of PTFE with the competitive performance features of Nelco’s proprietary N4000-13 epoxy.

N4000-13 – Tg210

The Nelco® N4000-13 series is an enhanced epoxy resin system engineered to provide both outstanding thermal and high signal speed / low signal loss properties.


ARLON’s new halogen-free low-loss system represents the next generation low-loss thermoset and prepreg system for high-speed and high-frequency printed circuit boards.


High Frequency, Low Loss Thermoset Laminates and Prepreg for Double Sided, Multilayer and Mixed Dielectric Printed Circuit Boards