At Azitech we have a wide range of capabilities. We can produce: Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs, and special PCBs in a range of different materials. We have multiple approvals for environmental production standards, as well as quality standards.

Our knowledge and experience with our suppliers, allows us to assist you in optimizing your layout for easier manufacturing. Our constant benchmarking and quality assurance, ensures you a lower price, faster production and better flexibility in choice of suppliers.

Azitech can perform DFM checks on request to help avoid problems, even in the early design phase. We also work with a number of suppliers, who can help on individualized projects.


Azitech offers a wide range of services. Our main goal is to bring added value and thoughtful service solutions to our business partners.

Azitech strives to be known for creating great customer experiences.
As a customer you have the possibility of:

Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Get a free DFM report. It is easy!

  • Easy 2 step process
    1. Send e-mail to with your gerber-files
    2. Get report

In the report you will get:

  • Free DFM check against 40 design rules


At Azitech, we offer fast delivery on prototypes. We do this to ensure that you can get started with your production as soon as possible. In the table you can see the delivery times for prototypes and mass production.

DFM Design

PCB Layout

Azitech can assist you early in the design phase with design tips, calculations, and pre-layout analysis. We use modern layout techniques and design rules that will drive the cost of your PCB production down to a minimum.

Our PCB layouters work off-site from Azitech’s offices and update you when necessary.

When using Azitech as your strategic PCB layout partner, you will automatically have years of PCB experience at your side.

Furthermore, we will be able to customize your design to make it fit perfectly to the chosen PCB factory.

PCB Production

Azitech has long-term cooperation’s with factories across the world. We have a range of high tech factories in Europe who excel in fast deliveries, complex designs and high capabilities within different board types.

We offer both prototypes and mass production. Furthermore, we often benchmark our suppliers, to make sure prices are competitive. In cooperation with you, we have the possibility of moving production, hereby saving costs and lead time. 


Azitech deliver more than 50 prototypes a week from our suppliers in Asia and Europe.

To see more about our lead times and extra services for prototypes, please follow the “read more” button to see a chart over our different options.


At Azitech, we know it is vital to have a solid distribution and warehousing strategy. It can be of fundamental importance in order to compete in a globalized environment.

We have entered into a cooperation with strategic partners, which means that we have an integrated supply chain solution that can help make inventory more flexible. Furthermore, logistical costs can be dramatically reduced.