Azitech Timeline

Azitech ApS was founded in 2004 by Robert Dam Ludvigsen. Since the beginning, Azitech has evolved from the Scandinavian market, to distributing printed circuit boards across the entire world. The business started from Robert´s home address, and has since then been located in Odense, and is currently situated in Langeskov on Funen. After many years with layout and PCB production, Azitech expanded with workshops, events and seminars.

The first seminar was held in March 2014 at the Hilton Hotel in Copenhagen. The topic was “Nordic HDI 2014” and was booked to full capacity of 60 people from across the world. Azitech found the perfect speaker for their first event, Happy Holden from the US, who is a renowned HDI guru (now retired).

After the success of the first event, Azitech has since hosted workshops and seminars in Europe with speakers such as Richard Hartley, Lee Richey, Susy Webb and Joseph Fjelstad.

Innovation and sharing knowledge has always been a focus for Robert, which is why seminars/webinars have become a permanent part of Azitech.

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