Azitech in space

One of the industries we work with is the Space industry, which always demands the highest technical performance and reliability.

The Space industry requires low outgassing, outgassing can occur from solder mask, surface finishes and component lead plating. The incidence of outgassing can be eliminated by correct specification of the printed circuit board. At Azitech we provide the correct selection of material, surface finishes, drill parameters, hole plating thickness and solder mask type.

From Europe it is not unusual that it takes 35-40 days to deliver the boards, because of the special specifications required by the Space industry, such as ENEPIG, low outgas soldermask and HDI. The combination of these specifications makes it very rare to find suppliers in China. Azitech has however accomplished to establish reliable sources in China that can reduce the delivery time and price by more than 50% compared to the European PCB market.

When Space industries require PCBs with ESA certification, delivery can only be made from Europe. Prices are very high and delivery time is extremely long. Sometimes ESA certifications is not a MUST for a PCB production, but it may still have ESA-like specifications like ENIPIG, Low outgas soldermask, HDI, special material and ect. At Azitech we produce both boards with ESA certifications from our EU factories, but we also produce boards in China much faster and cheaper with ESA-like PCBs specs.

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