Solder mask and silk screen

Information retaining the use of solder mask or solder resist is contained within IPC-SM-840C along with specifications of performance of permanent solder resist. Both solder mask and silk screen can be applied in several different colors and finishes, depending on function and aesthetic wishes. Due to the different properties of each solder resist, capabilities may vary.

Bluemask is as peelable solder resist, dispensed on pads and in holes, allowing for mounting after wave soldering. Please note, that the thickness of applied bluemask can cause problems with screen printing of solder paste. The minimum capability of Azitech’s solder mask & silk screen features can be found below. Our standard design rules can be provided by contacting our sales department.

Solder mask & silk screensEUAsia
Min. solder mask bridge60 µm75 µm
Solder mask clearance (min.)30 µm76 µm
Solder mask thickness (min.)25 µm25 µm
Min. silk screen bridge0.08 mm0.075 mm
Min. silk screen clearance0.025 mm0.020 mm
Standard silk screen thickness0.025 mm0.025 mm
Min. blue mask area1 mm²2.00 mm (diameter)
Min. blue mask clearance1 mm0.75 mm
Blue mask thickness0.2 mm -1.5 mm0.2 mm
Blue mask thickness tolerance± 0.1 mm± 0.1 mm
Carbon to NPTH (min.)0.3 mm0.3 mm
Clearance of carbon (min.)0.35 mm0.35 mm
Carbon to carbon (min.)0.35 mm0.35 mm