Location: First Hotel Grand, Odense, Denmark

Date: 13-15th

Signal Integrity & High Speed System Design & Landless Via

af | jan 28, 2019

We are very pleased to announce our 3-day seminar with Lee Ritchey and Yogen Patel on the 13-15th of May.

We hope that you would like to participate in this world-class seminar and learn about a very interesting and relevant subject for optimization of your final PCB product.

We have previously had overwhelmingly positive feedback on our seminars, as they were given a 4.8 out of 5 star rating by participants.

Price for attending the seminar:

  • 3-day seminar: 1750 €

  • Hotel accommodation per night: 150 €

Seminar content

Day 1 – Content (Lee Ritchey)
• Review Transmission Line Fundamentals
• Calculating Impedance
• Terminations
• PCB Structures—right angle bends, via’s and plane cuts
• Cross talk
• Differential Signalling
• IC Package Characteristics
• Power Delivery System Design
• Preserving Plane Integrity
• Designing PCB Pad Stacks and Drilled Hole Sizes

Day 2 – Content (Lee Ritchey

• Design Rule Creation Using Noise Margin Analysis
• PCB Design Process
• PCB Design Tools
• Designing a PCB Stack-up
• EMI Containment
• Developing Routing Rule
• Supervising PCB Routing
• Post Layout Checking
• Testing Fabricated PCB
• What happens when signals get very fast

Day 3 – Content (Lee Ritchey & Yogen Patel)

• PCB Fabrication (Lee Ritchey)
• PCB Materials (Lee Ritchey)
Designing PCB Pad Stack (Lee Ritchey)
Blind and Buried Via’s (Lee Ritchey)
Candor (Yogen Patel
Landless Via (Yogen Patel
Getting 1 – 2% Impedance Tolerance (Yogen Patel)
Manufacturing process (Yogen Patel)



Main Instructor: Lee Ritchey

Founder and President of Speeding Edge, Lee Ritchey is considered to be one of the industry´s premier authorities on high-speed PCB and system design. He conducts on-site private training courses for high technology companies and also teaches courses for UC Berkeley´s extension program, as well as industry trade shows and technical conferences. In addition, he provides consulting services to top manufacturers of Internet and server products.

Prior to founding Speeding Edge, Ritchey served as Program Manager for 3Com Corporation in Santa Clara, California where he was responsible for overseeing the signal integrity aspects of hardware design and product packaging for the company´s router, switch, hub and NIC products. Before this, he served as Engineering Manager for Maxtor where he was responsible for the development of high performance disc drives. Previously, he was Cofounder and Vice President of Engineering and Marketing of Shared Resources, a design services company specializing in the design of high-end supercomputers, workstations and image products. Earlier in his career, he designed RF and microwave components for the Apollo space program and other space platforms.

Ritchey holds a B.S.E.E. degree from California State University, Sacramento where he graduated as outstanding senior. In 1998, he was profiled by EE Times, as “the high-speed design ratchet man”. In 2004, Ritchey began contributing a regular column, “PCB Perspectives,” which appears once a month in EE Times.