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Quality and reliability

We do not believe PCBs are a commodity. Each design calls for a unique understanding of the required technology, reliability, and cost drivers. Azitech understands the individualized approach that is required and we can meet your design with a wide range of technologies from a large selection of PCB manufacturers. This enables us to provide you with neutral advice that will increase the reliability and competitiveness of your product.

Strategic cooperation with EMS clients

Azitech has a successful cooperation with the EMS clients that serve our OEMs with valuable assembly services. With Azitech as your primary cooperation partner, both the EMS and the OEM will achieve multiple advantages. The EMS will focus on what it does best, namely assembly, which will make it stand out as a highly technical cooperation partner. The OEM maintains flexibility in its choice of EMS, PCB prices, and reliable and technical feedback throughout the life-cycle of the PCB.

Valuable benefits for OEM clients

Using Azitech as your PCB partner, you will be able to change your EMS partner without having to change the supplier for the most vital part of your product – the PCB. Furthermore, you will have the benefit of a direct and professional DFM feedback with your design team, and you are not obligated to use the PCB choice of your EMS partner. This means that you control where the PCB is purchased, which in turn can lead to lower prices, controllable quality, and more flexibility.

Years of experience

Azitech’s services include both PCB layout and PCB production. We have extensive experience with production in Europe and Asia and have obtained a complete overview of the technology and the design rules used at each of our preferred and audited PCB manufacturers. Based on your requirements, we can provide you with a solution that meets your demand in terms of price, reliability, technology, and delivery performance.

Quality and reliability guaranteed by Azitech

We audit our PCB manufacturers once a year and have developed our own unique method for doing so. The data collected includes the type of process, machine, technology used, and specifications from actual production runs. We process all of this data, which enables us to understand each PCB manufacturer’s technology and capabilities. This, in turn, guarantees that we can select the right production site for your designs.