Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Get a free DFM report. It is easy!

  • Easy 2 step process
    1. Send e-mail to with your gerber-files
    2. Get report

In the report you will get:

  • Free DFM check against 40 design rules
  • Compare your netlist against gerbers – get hints to fix potential problems
  • Confirmation that you have all the files needed for manufacturing

A DFM report helps you avoid design rule errors early in the design phase.

It can also prevent from on-holds or re-spins. Furthermore, you will get an instant price quotation.

The 40 design rules include:

Signal checks

  • Conductor width
  • Spacing
  • Annular ring
  • Drill to cobber
  • Hole registration
  • Missing copper
  • Features connection
  • Missing holes
  • Unconnected lines
  • Rout to copper

Plane checks

  • Drill to copper
  • Annular ring
  • Spacing
  • Conductor width
  • Thermal air gap / spoke width
  • Missing copper
  • Rout to copper
  • Drill registration
  • Clearance smaller than hole

Solder mask checks

  • Solder mask clearance
  • Coverage
  • Rout to mask
  • Spacing
  • Missing solder mask clearance
  • Exposed lines
  • Partial clearances

Silk screen checks

  • Silk screen to mask spacing
  • Silk screen to copper spacing
  • Silk screen to hole spacing
  • Line width
  • Text height
  • Silk screen over copper text

Drill checks

  • Hole size
  • Duplicate holes
  • Hole spacing
  • Touching holes
  • Plane shorts
  • Holes to rout
  • Missing holes