Heavy copper boards

A heavy copper or thick copper PCB is defined as having 70 µm or more copper in one layer. Many power electronic products take advantage of the special capability to conduct high currents that these special boards offer. The thicker copper also have the added benefit of increased thermal dissipation, not unlike IMS materials. There are also many other ways of integrating power PCB technology in your application. Azitech provides a wide range of these technologies (special thick copper up to 435 µm, bus bars embedded on PCB, hybrid power PCB & Copper-Invar-Copper PCB), which we can produce in both low and high volume quantities.

Heavy copper boardsEUAsia
Layer count1236
Max. copper thickness on outerlayer435 µm420 µm
Max. copper thickness on innerlayer435 µm420 µm
Max. hole size0.28 mm0.5 mm
Max. board thickness12 mm8 mm