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Here can you find the entire seminar from Happy Holden.
This seminar will help you improve your knowledge of HDI Technologies and how applying these can effectively reduce the cost and improve the quality of your PCB. Happy Holden is a guru within the field of HDI and applies his vast knowledge to this one-day seminar.


  • Fine pitch and High-I/O BGA design rules, layer assignment and routing
  • Microvia structures
  • The methodology to breakout big BGAs using swing & rotated vias
  • The advantages of blind vias & HDI with drivers
  • The implementation barriers for HDI
  • Metrics used in HDI and market size and growth
  • HDI analysis methodology
  • How HDI improves the SI for circuits
  • Review of noise
  • How HDI structures can reduce or eliminate radiated EMI
  • Stacked and Any-Layer-Via structures
  • New technologies enabled by HDI
  • Background and progress in developing ultra-high frequency optical waveguides in HDI multilayer