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Location: First Hotel Grand, Odense, Denmark

Date: 11th of September

HDI Technologies

This seminar will help you improve your knowledge of HDI Technologies and how applying these can effectively reduce the cost and improve the quality of your PCB. Happy Holden is a guru within the field of HDI and applies his vast knowledge to this one-day seminar.

NOTE: On the 13th of September, he will continue to speak about Managing PCB Production. It may be of interest to you or your purchaser. A package deal can be purchased at a reduced cost.

HDI technologies (Day 1)

On day 1, the the guru Happy Holden will share his knowledge of HDI, which is becoming the most widely used emerging technology for high-performance electronics, with fine-pitch and high I/O BGAs being a major driver.

On this seminar you will learn how to implement HDI strategies in your work with PCB and how to use HDI in your products.

Price for the Seminar:

EARLY BIRD 20 % OFF before 10th of August.

1 Day: 600 EUR [500 EUR, Early Bird]

2 Days 1000 EUR [833 EUR, Early Bird]

It’s possible to buy the combined 2 day seminar but to be attending with two different participants.

Agenda for the 11th of September

Workshop 1: High Density Design Strategies

8:30 Registration

9:00 why do you need HDI in your designs

9:45 Design features of High Density PWBs

10:30 Coffe and tea Break

10:45 10 New wiring strategies in HDI

12:45 Lunch

Workshop 2: Using HDI for your products

13:45 Signal integrity & power integrity of HDI

14:45 3rd generation HDI technology & solid vias

15:30 Coffee and tea Break

15:45 Case studies

16:30 Coffee and tea Break

16:45 Optical waveguides using HDI

17:30 the seminar expects to be done




Day 1

  • Fine pitch and High-I/O BGA design rules, layer assignment and routing
  • Microvia structures
  • The methodology to breakout big BGAs using swing & rotated vias
  • The advantages of blind vias & HDI with drivers
  • The implementation barriers for HDI
  • Metrics used in HDI and market size and growth
  • HDI analysis methodology
  • How HDI improves the SI for circuits
  • Review of noise
  • How HDI structures can reduce or eliminate radiated EMI
  • Stacked and Any-Layer-Via structures
  • New technologies enabled by HDI
  • Background and progress in developing ultra-high frequency optical waveguides in HDI multilayer

Each attendee will receive a color an electronic PDF of the presentation, which can be utilized for note taking and future reference.

About instructor

Happy Holden – HDI & Managing Expert

Formerly Happy Holden were a student at Oregon State, from where he holds a bachelor in chemical engineering and a Master’s degree in computer science, is today the leading expert on HDI technology. Happy Holden has contributed to the to field through his entire career with numerous academic papers, written chapters for books such as the new 7th Edition of Coomb’s PCB Handbook and he holds several patterns on chemical sensor technology. In 1991, he was also recognized for his contribution to the programs of IPC with the IPC president’s Award.

Throughout his career happy Holden has occupied numerous influential positions including is must recent title as Director of Electronics & Innovations for GENTEX Corp.  A position from which is retired. Yet Happy Holden still remains active as a lecture for the IPC in Asia on PWB design and advanced processes.



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