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Tilbage i september havde vi vores HDI Technologies-seminar med Happy Holden i Odense, og hele seminaret er nu tilgængeligt gratis: Happy Holden Seminar

For at få lidt insipiration har vi har oprettet en kort 5 min trailer, som du kan få adgang til med dette link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBwcTKMO0vg&t=1s

Seminaret handler om: Forbedring af din viden for HDI Technologies, og hvordan anvendelsen af disse effektivt kan reducere omkostningerne og forbedre kvaliteten af dit printkort.

Udover det handler det også om:

  • Fine-pitch and High-I/O BGA design rules, layer assignment and routing. Microvia structures, how to reduce layer with Channels, creating Boulevards to increase routing density.
  • Weight new design strategies that do not exist in multiplayer design that should be applied to HDI Design.
  • Quality problems that can exist from designing with HDI. Use of coupons and parametric PCBs to evaluate fabricators performance.
  • Four types of circuit noise are reviewed and illustrated how HDI improves the SI for circuits; power supply impedance. How HDI structures can reduce or eliminate radiated EMI.
  • Industry Test Vehicles & experiences and reliability performance of HDI structures from prior OEM HDI Programs. Advanced HDI structures, 2nd and 3rd Generation including the “stacked” and “Any-Layer-Via” structures. Other ‘New Technologies’ enabled by HDI.
  • Four through-hole multilayers converted to HDI designs are detailed.
  • Another advanced HDI structure is the Embedded Optical Waveguide. This will review the progress to date of EU, UK and US Programs as well as programs in Asia.


Hvis du har problemer med at få denne video eller et andet spørgsmål, så du meget velkommen til at kontake os, vil vil være meget glade for at hjælpe dig.

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