Why Azitech?

At Azitech we always do our outmost to satisfy our costumers. Our primary job is to support and take care of everything related to PCB’s.  We  aid you from start to finish in the entire process, and we always try to find solutions that satisfy the expectations of our customers.

We can handle everything related to a key component in your electronics, we know how to design, optimize and find solutions on problematic projects, as we daily see similar projects and therefore know how things can be done.

Furthermore strategic alliances, ensure great prices and fast deliveries that are hard to match by anyone else.

We offer

  • Complete Range Of PCB Products From 1-64 Layers
  • Accumulated Purchasing Power
  • Sourcing Alliance With Strategic Partners 
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse Facility For Just-In-Time Delivery
  • On-site FQC (Final Quality Check)
  • Track And Gap Down To 25 μm Line And Space
  • Board Sizes Up To 540mm x 600mm
  • HDI Stacked Micro-Via Design Up To 7 Levels
  • Flex, Flex-Rigid & HDI Flex-Rigid
  • None-Standard Materials With Controlling CTE, High TG, Halogen, Microwave & Aluminum Substrates
  • PCB Layout Services
  • In-house DFM Analysis
  • Access To Our Design And Download Center
  • Volume Production And Express Services
  • Weekly Updates Of Your Orders

Our sourcing alliance has built a long and strong relationships with large production partners in both Europe and Asia. This ensures that clients can benefit from an accumulated purchasing power and a wide range of qualified, world class suppliers and manufacturers.