PCB production

Azitech has cooperated with factories in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam for many years. Moreover, we have suppliers all over Europe and we can help you with both simple and complex PCB productions from 1-56 layers. We also offer PCB layout services. The earlier we become part of the process, the more we can help you.

Mass production

For orders above 50m², Azitech can arrange a free sample production, which must be approved by the client prior to mass production start.


By using Azitech inventory services in the EU, you will achieve instant deliveries. Our inventory is ESD secured, and all the PCBs stored at Azitech are vacuum packed. Delivery time from our stock to any place in Europe is 1-2 days. The storage fee is 3% of the stock value for each started month.
We also have Rogers on stock in China. From our stock, we can supply the manufacturing site with these materials in 1-2 days. These materials are marked only for our clients. Therefore, you need to have an agreement with Azitech about keeping a minimum quantity at our stock in China and for how long it should be kept available.


Azitech has its own laboratory in Denmark where we are able to check the PCB quality:

  • Visual inspection service
  • Tape testing
  • ESD handling
  • Vacuum packing