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Azitech has customers all over Scandinavia. No job is too small or too big for us. We are experts in high-speed PCB production and PCBs utilizing the newest technology. Our team of experts are ready to assist you with design rules, PCB layout, material choices etc. We understand the many different aspects and considerations that have to be made in order to secure a successful product. We offer a fresh pair of eyes and guidance when need be.

Please contact our sales personnel, if you wish to arrange a meeting to learn more about your options at Azitech. Please contact our CAM department, if you have CAM questions or need to know our capabilities.

Bjarne Rytter

Area Sales Manager
Phone: +45 69 66 33 14
Email: br@azitech.dk

Kim Long Nguyen

+45 69 66 33 12
Email: sales@azitech.dk

Ida Louise Halberg

+45 69 66 33 13
Email: accounts@azitech.dk

Robert Dam Ludvigsen

Phone: +45 66 13 07 68

Mikkel Pryds Christensen

Key Account Manager
Phone: +45 69 66 33 10
Email: mc@azitech.dk

Preben Kangatharan

Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +45 69 66 33 17
Email: pk@azitech.dk