The selection of a material is the backbone of PCB production. It has to fit the application for which the PCB is to be used. There are many factors to be considered when selecting a material: Z-expansion, solder temperature, thermal considerations, noise and signal integrity, HDI, antenna etc.

This is even more the case, if the PCB at some point is to be produced in volume. In that case you don’t want to use a material that is only accessible in Europe and preferably with viable alternatives. With Azitech as your appointed PCB partner, you have a pilot that guarantees that the material used is the correct one, regardless of which assembly house does the purchasing.

When special materials are needed, procurement time is often an issue. There is no worse news than to be told that your new project or urgent order, have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a new batch to arrive. To avoid this Azitech offers to book the material in advance, ensuring this problem does not occur.

FR4 Medium TgYesYes
FR4 High TgYesYes
CEM 1NoYes
CEM 3NoYes
Rogers HF laminateYesYes
Teflon laminateYesYes