Heat sink PCBs capabilities

Heat sink PCBs are using a passive thermal conductor that transfers the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device into a material or space that can obtain the heat. This is often done by making an inlay of copper or aluminium to create a local thermal performance without having to resort to using IMS or heavy copper boards. Another method is to insert or attach a COIN to the board allowing for much better heat dissipation on multilayered boards. Azitech can supply different heat sink solutions ranging from relatively simple inlays and adhesive bonded COIN to Chip-On-Coin.

Heat sInk boards capabilityEUAsia
Metal base single layerYesYes
Metal base 2 layerYesYes
Metal base multilayerYesYes
Metal core 2 layerYesYes
Available heat sink metals
Surface finish of metal base
Gold platingYesYes
Silver platingYesYes
OtherOSP, LFHASL, Immersion tinContact Azitech
Adhesive bonded CoinsYesYes
Embedded CoinsYesYes
Press-fit for SMDYesNo
Press-fit-Coin with cavityYesYes