High Density Interconnect – HDI

High Density Interconnect is a technology with many benefits. When used efficiently, you get better reliability, thinner and smaller boards and you may be able to increase component counts. It can be used on both rigid, rigid-flex, and flex designs. The build-up is described by the number of HDI layers on each side of the core in the format  HDI+core+HDI. For instance a 6 layer PCB with two layers of HDI on each side is described as 2+N+2. N is sometimes replaced by number of layers in the core.

A similar technology is Every Layer Interconnect or ELIC. This technology allows for an even higher density as the build-up does not utilize a core, but instead has micro vias in every layer. Whereas HDI uses buried vias to connect multiple layers, ELIC uses stacked copper-filled micro vias.

Azitech’s field application engineers have been engaged with countless PCB projects where HDI has been the key focus. We have access to a wide range of HDI technologies from various suppliers in Europe and Asia. Our capabilities range from staggered or stacked to skipped micro vias and we can process designs up to 7+N+7 HDI and 14-layer ELIC. For more information please check our capabilities for micro vias and copper pattern.

We are also running seminars & workshops to share our knowledge. It is a technology well-known to us and if one supplier is at full capacity, we always have a second source supplier.

Azitech is capable of producing PCBs with the following types:

  • Type I (IPC)
  • Type II (IPC)
  • Type III (IPC)
  • Type V ELIC (IPC)