Capabilities: Developer

Here you will be able to find a more thorough explanation of the individual capabilties provided by Azitech. Drilling, PCB Types, Surface Finishes and Vias.

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Rigid boards36 Layers56 Layers
Rigid Flex boards20 layers - 10 flex layers18 layers - 10 flex layers
Flex boards1-10 Layers1-14 Layers
Heat sink boards2 Layers6 Layers
PTFE boards*4 Layers 10 Layers
Heavy copper boards10 Layers12 Layers
Embedded componentsYesYes
*Arlon, Taconic and Nelco
HDI CapabilityEUASIA
HDI class type I (IPC)YesYes
HDI class type II (IPC)YesYes
HDI class type III (IPC)YesYes
HDI class type ELIC (IPC)YesYes
VIA TechnologyEUASIA
Standard PTHYesYes
Blind ViasYesYes
Buried ViasYesYes
Stacked ViasYesYes
Staggered ViasYesYes
Skip ViasYesYes
Stepped Micro ViasYesYes
Vias in PADYesYes
Resin plugged vias overplatedYesYes
Copper filled viasYesYes
(Manufacturing) ISO 9001YesYes
(Environment) ISO 14001YesYes
UL796 for rigidYesYes
UL796 for flexYesYes
IPC 6012 class 2YesYes
IPC 6012 class 3YesYes
(Medical) ISO13485YesYes
(Automotive) ISO/TS16949YesYes
Surface finishesEUASIA
Immersion tinYesYes
Immersion silverYesYes
Electrolytic Ni/AuYesYes
Electroless nickel immersion palladiumNoNo
Carbon inkYesYes
Blue Mask*
* Peelable mask
Max. layer count3656
Max. panel size620 mm
900 mm
570 mm
570 mm
Board thickness range0.15 mm -12 mm0.1 mm - 8 mm
Min. prepreg thickness50 μm50 μm
Min. copper sheet thickness9 μm9 μm
Layer to layer registration tolerance± 25 μm± 76 μm
Min. innerlayer core thickness0.1 mm0.1 mm
SBU (Sequental lamination)7+n+76+n+6
Max. PTH aspect ratio24:116:1
Micro via aspect ratio1:10.73:1
Max. hole plating thickness25 μm25 μm
Max. plating on base copper25 μm25 μm
Filled micro via planarity5 μm5 - 7 μm
Plated through hole drill range0.1 mm - 6.5 mm0.15 mm - 6.5 mm
PTH FHS size tolerance± 0.050 mm± 0.075 mm
Drill position tolerance (PTH)± 0.020 mm± 0.075 mm
Drill position of non-plated holes± 0.050 mm± 0.040 mm
Hole to hole position tolerance± 0.050 mm± 0.040 mm
Min. hole to hole position clearance0.150 mm0.175 mm
Smallest controlled depth drill0.150 mm0.200 mm
Largest controlled drill depthNo limitNo limit
Depth drill min. dielectric isolation0.2 mm0.3 mm
Controlled depth drill tolerance± 0.010 mm± 0.040 mm
Copper PatternEUASIA
Min. track width35 μm50 μm
Min. space35 μm66 μm
Track width tolerance± 20 %± 20 %
Min. annular ring50 μm76 μm
PAD to PAD clearance100 μm300 μm
Hole to PAD clearance100 μm250 μm
Min. BGA PAD size150 μm200 μm
Min. captured PAD size (micro via)250 μm250 μm
Min. target PAD size (micro via)250 μm250 μm
Impedance± 5 %, ± 10 %± 5 %, ± 10 %
Fineline width and line spacingEUASIASTANDARD
9 μm innerlayer50 μm50 μm80 μm
12 μm innerlayer50 μm66 μm90 μm
18 μm innerlayer50 μm80 μm100 μm
35 μm innerlayer50 μm90 μm125 μm
43 μm innerlayer100 μm 100 μm 150 μm
70 μm innerlayer150 μm150 μm250 μm
105 μm innerlayer200 μm180 μm300 μm
140 μm innerlayer250 μm225 μm350 μm
175 μm innerlayer250 μm250 μm400 μm
210 μm innerlayer250 μm300 μm500 μm
Conductor line width and space tolerance± 20 %± 20 %
Solder mask and silk screenEUASIA
Min. solder mask bridge60 μm75 μm
Solder mask clearance (min.)30 μm76 μm
Solder mask thickness (min.)25 μm25 μm
Min. silk screen bridge0.08 mm0.075 mm
Min. silk screen clearance0.025 mm0.02 mm
Standard silk screen thickness0.025 mm0.025 mm
Min. blue mask area1 mm²2 mm (diameter)
Min. blue mask clearance1 mm0.75 mm
Blue mask thickness0.2 - 1.5 mm0.2 mm
Blue mask thickness tolerance± 0.1 mm± 0.1 mm
Carbon to NPTH (min.)0.3 mm0.3 mm
Clearance of carbon (min.)0.35 mm0.35 mm
Carbon to carbon (min.)0.35 mm0.35 mm
Mechanical routingEUASIASTANDARD
Mechanical milling registration tolerance± 0.013 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Min. milling tool0.50 - 3.175 mm0.8 mm2.4 mm
V-CUT score angle30°, 45°, 60°30°, 45°30°
V-CUT tolerance± 5°± 2°
V-CUT registration tolerance± 0.050 mm± 0.125 mm
V-CUT web thickness tolerance± 0.1 mm± 0.050 mm
Micro viasEUASIA
Min. hole size100 μm100 μm
Min. capture PAD size250 μm250 μm
Min. target PAD size250 μm250 μm
Aspect ratio*
Preferred micro vias prepregs**
Min. plated thickness (micro vias)10 μm10 μm
Filled micro via planarity± 5 μm± 5 μm
* Preferred 0.8:1
** Contact Azitech
FR4 Medium TgYesYes
CEM 1YesYes
CEM 3YesYes
Rogers HF laminateYesYes
Teflon laminateYesYes
Heavy copper boardsEUASIA
Layer count1236
Max. copper thickness on outerlayer435 μm420 μm
Max. hole size0.28 mm0.5 mm
Max. board thickness12 mm8 mm
Heat sink boards capabilityEUASIA
Metal base single layerYesYes
Metal base 2 layerYesYes
Metal base multi layerYesYes
Metal core 2 layerYesYes
Available heat sink metalsEUASIA
Surface finish of metal baseEUASIA
Gold platingYesYes
Silver platingYesYes
OtherOPS, LFHASL, Immersion tinContact Azitech
Adhesive bonded CoinsYesYes
Embedded CoinsYesYes
Press-fit for SMDYesNo
Press-fit-Coin with cavityYesYes