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Azitech Blog

Welcome to Azitech Blog

The PCB industry is enormous and keep growing in both demand and technology. To update you with new technologies, news and our guides in this fast-moving industry, we have created this blog page.

With our knowledge and great connection to the industry, we want to be your guide for better products and help you to build better boards.

If you have any topic for us, please send us an e-mail and we will look into it.

/Team Azitech

PCB Layout Guide

PCB Layout Guide Designing your board is very important and exiting stage in the PCB development. There are many limitations and requirements that need you need to remember when designing it. Making a mistake in the design phase will cause starting all over again and... read more

PCB Lamination

PCB Lamination When selecting PCB technology for your board, you should know the PCB factory have different lamination options to meet your required PCB technology of your board. The used lamination method is based upon your required board type and additionally upon... read more