Rogers RO3000 series

Rogers RO3000 series

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Features and Benefits:

  • Low dielectric loss (RO3003 laminates)
    • Laminates can be used in applications up to 77 GHz.
  • Excellent mechanical properties versus temperature
    • Reliable stripline and multi-layer board constructions.
  • Uniform mechanical properties for a range of dielectric constants
    • Ideal for multi-layer board designs with a range of dielectric constants
    • Suitable for use with epoxy glass multi-layer board hybrid designs
  • Stable dielectric constant versus temperature and frequency (RO3003 laminates)
    • Ideal for band pass filters, microstrip patch antennas, and voltage controlled oscillators.
  • Low in-plane expansion coefficient (match to copper)
    • Allows for more reliable surface mounted assemblies
    • Ideal for applications sensitive to temperature change
    • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Volume manufacturing process
    • Economical laminate pricing


  • Automotive radar applications
  • Global positioning satellite antennas
  • Cellular telecommunications systems - power amplifiers and antennas
  • Patch antenna for wireless communications
  • Direct broadcast satellites
  • Datalink on cable systems
  • Remote meter readers
  • Power backplanes