Arlon MultiClad HF

Arlon MultiClad HF

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  • First generation environmentally friendly laminate system with competitive Insertion Loss and Loss Tangent (Df<0.005) for High Frequency applications
  • Non-PTFE Formulation meets standard lead-free process requirements, while maintaining low-halogen content per current industry standards
  • Improved thermal robustness over competing low-loss Thermoset materials for better device reliability and performance consistency over time
  • Low Thermal Expansion and High Glass Transition Temperature minimizes potential for PTH failures and improves operating reliability
  • Low moisture absorption for improved processing and consistent performance
  • Decomposition temperature >350°C is ideally suited for lead-free solder processing
  • Low TCEr (temperature coefficient of the dielectric) minimizes electrical phase variation with temperature
  • Certified to UL flammability requirements of UL-94 V0


  • High-Speed Digital backplanes and server boards
  • RF Power Amplifier motherboards
  • Satellite receivers, LNB converters, and other Wireless devices
  • Semiconductor burn-in-boards and other high speed, high reliability applications