Arlon 85N

Arlon 85N

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  • Polyimide with the best thermal performance, including Tg greater than 250°C, decomposition temperature >400°C, and T300>60 min.
  • Low z-expansion of 1.2% between 50-260°C (vs. 2.5-4.0% for typical high-performance epoxies) offering superior PTH reliability through process and in-service
  • Low Z-expansion minimizes the risk of latent PTH defects caused during solder reflow and device attachment.
  • Decomposition temperature of 407°C, compared with 300-360°C for typical high-performance epoxies, offering outstanding longterm high-temperature performance
  • Up to 50% or more reduction in cure time compared with traditional polyimide cycles
  • Electrical and mechanical properties meeting the requirements of IPC-4101/40 and /41
  • Toughened, Non-MDA chemistry resists drill cracking
  • Halogen-free chemistry
  • Compatible with lead-free processing
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant

Typical applications:

  • PCBs that are subjected to high temperatures during processing, such as lead-free soldering
  • Applications with significant lifetimes at high temperatures, such as aircraft engine instrumentation, down hole drilling, under-hood automotive controls, burn-in boards, or industrial sensors