At Azitech, we know it is vital to have a solid distribution and warehousing strategy. It can be of fundamental importance in order to compete in a globalized environment. We have entered into a cooperation with strategic partners, which means that we have an integrated supply chain solution that can help make inventory more flexible. Furthermore, logistical costs can be dramatically reduced.

By using our warehousing services, you will be able to react to changes in the marketplace the second it happens, while minimizing your operational costs and investment risk.

It is our goal to understand your business and logistics needs, so that we can find an integrated service solution that best fits you. Below, you can find some of the services that we can provide within our warehousing service.

Warehousing services

JIT (Just In Time)
Delivery is synchronized with the production need, so that we deliver on time and in the right quantity. One risk is that the production must stop until all part deliveries have been delivered, if you have a fast increase in demand. Another risk is that one part delivery is delayed and that will stop the entire production, since all parts for the production is delivered JIT.

Consignment Stock
The goods in a consignment stock are owned by the supplier and the stock is mostly located where the buyer needs it. The buyer can then use the goods in stock as the buyer sees fit. On a monthly basis, the buyer will inform Azitech how many PCBs they have used, enabling Azitech to invoice this quantity.

Self-billing Programs
In addition to the consignment stock, the buyer will be able to issue an invoice to themselves for the quantities they have used.

Vendor Managed Inventory
We can provide a minimum stock of non-standard materials, which usually have a long lead-time. This will make sure that you have your non-standard materials available exactly when required.