Mechanical routing

Azitech delivers PCBs as single boards or as panelized by mechanical routing. 2.4 mm milling tool is standard when placing your PCB in a panel. 0.8 mm can also be achieved, but it will take longer time to process. V-cut or scoring is another option if the finish of the PCB edge is not as important. This allows for a more efficient panelisation, especially with smaller PCBs. No components can be placed on or close to the scoring lines, though. Usually Azitech receives gerbers as single boards with a requirement of panelisation. In that case, Azitech’s CAM department will help panelize your PCB according to your specification. If you don’t have a specification, we will use our standard panel template and optimize the size according to the production panel. We will also apply 4 tooling holes and 3 fiducials. For Azitech’s standard panelisation, along with other useful information, please see our design center.

Mechanical routingEUAsiaStandard
Mechanical milling registration tolerance (mm) ± 0.013± 0.05± 0.05
Min. milling tool (mm)0.50 - 3.1750.82.4
V-cut score angle30°, 45°, 60°30°, 45°30°
V-cut tolerance± 5°± 2°
V-cut registration tolerance (mm)± 0.050± 0.125
V-cut web thickness tolerance (mm)± 0.1± 0.050