Drilling is carried out by stacking production panels and working them in one lot in the CNC machines. This way each layer is drilled, plated and laminated in stages of pressing. Once fully laminated, the PCB is drilled for PTHs and NPTHs. To improve upon signal integrity whilst keeping cost low, Azitech offers controlled depth drilling from multiple suppliers. This method, also called backdrilling is an efficient method of removing stubs and enhancing RF performance. If a PCB production must achieve certain critical tolerances, Azitech can guarantee quality by sending our FQC engineers in Shenzhen to the PCB factory for “on-site” process control.

Plated through hole drill range0.1 mm - 6.5 mm0.15 mm - 6.5 mm
PTH FHS size tolerance± 0.050 mm± 0.075 mm
Drill position tolerance (PTH)± 0.020 mm± 0.075 mm
Drill location position of non-plated holes± 0.050 mm± 0.040 mm
Hole to hole position tolerance± 0.050 mm± 0.040 mm
Min. hole to hole clearance0.150 mm0.175 mm
Smallest controlled depth drill0.150 mm0.200 mm
Largest controlled drilled depthNo limitNo limit
Depth drill min. dielectric isolation0.2 mm0.3 mm
Controlled depth drill tolerance± 0,010 mm± 0.040 mm