Copper pattern

Copper pattern discribe all features on a PCB made from copper, both pads, tracks and other. Azitech is capable of supplying boards with ultra fineline features. This is done by using LDI (Laser Direct Imaging). From multiple suppliers, Azitech can etch finelines down to 50 µm. For volume production in Asia the fineline limit is currently 60 µm.

On request, Azitech can provide you with design rules. For instance those to let you escape a 0.4 mm pitch Micro BGA. Azitech’s partners in Europe also support ultra fineline conductors down to 35 µm. They supply PCBs to various applications like medical implants, hearing aids, and mobile phones.

Link to fineline with and spacing

Copper patternEUAsia
Min. track width35 µm50 µm
Min. space35 µm66 µm
Track width tolerance± 20%± 20%
Min. annular ring50 µm76 µm
PAD to PAD clearance100 µm300 µm
Hole to PAD clearance100 µm250 µm
Min. BGA PAD size150 µm200 µm
Min. captured PAD size (micro via)250 µm250 µm
Min. target PAD size (micro via)250 µm250 µm
Impedance± 5%, ± 10%± 5%, ± 10%