Azitech has a wide range of capabilities. We can produce rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, and special PCBs in a range of materials. We have multiple approvals for environment, quality management and different industries. Our knowledge and experience with our suppliers and PCB manufacturing in general allow us to assist you in optimizing your layout for easier manufacturing. This can result in lower price, faster production and better flexibility in choice of suppliers. Azitech can perform DFM checks on request to help avoid problems, even in the early design phase. We also work with a number of suppliers, who can help on individualized projects.

Azitech also has external PCB layouters, who can assist you, if you have layout problems or questions. Furthermore, we are continuously improving and adding to our capabilities to ensure that our products and services are compatible with our customers’ needs. Therefore, if you need something specific, and do not see it in our capabilities, please feel free to contact us.

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