Author: Nina Andersen

Power supply

A power supply customer wanted a 12-layer build-up with 0.28 mm copper in each layer. A project they could not find production for in either

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HDI Technology

A semiconductor customer in need of a prototype and volume production of 32 layers of stacked vias, had tried to produce the PCB with various

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A customer within Satellite and Communication, buys a 16-layer board in volume production (10,000 pcs) in China for around USD 10, -/pcs. We are informed

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Soldering of a BGA

Today in China, Azitech produces a 24 layer board with a solder mask dam of 80 µm and we can support even smaller solder mask dams. In general you always need

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Surface finish

Surface finish for PCB by Azitech ApS Choosing the correct PCB surface finish for your application requires taking factors into account like cost, the final

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