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Prototypes on 24 hours

Express prototyping is one of Azitech specialties. If you PCB demand 1-6 layer and below 0.1 m2, Azitech can supply you with PCB’s produced within 24 hours.  For 8 layers we can produce it on 48 hours. From our 3 productionplants in Europe we produce these... read more

Azitech closed for the summer

Azitech is closed in week 29 and 30 (from the 18th to the 31st of July). We will not be able to service you during this period. Therefore, please make sure all your inquiries are made as early as possible, to make sure that we can service you in the best possible way.... read more

Azitech at E-16 in Odense, Denmark

The 6th  to 8th of September 2016, Azitech will be participating in the electronics convention E-16 at Odense Congress Center in Odense, Denmark. We have booth 3318, which is located on the main passage way in Hall C. It is free to visit the convention and it is open... read more

Chinese New Year

In China, the Chinese New Year is yet to happen. Chinese New Year will take place in week 6 – from the 8th to the 12th of February. Here most factories in China are closed for business. Furthermore, many factories will also be closed in week 5.

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We are now able to offer you warehousing capabilities through Azitech. Warehousing will save you time and money and you are guaranteed delivery without delay.

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DFM analysis

Customers at Azitech can now get a free DFM report of their PCB designs. A DFM report will give you multiple advantages and ensure that you avoid design rule errors early in the design phase.

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Hands-on PCB design workshop

The 27th and 28th of October, we held our first ever hands-on PCB design workshop. The subject matter was how and when to use high density interconnect technology (HDI) in PCB designs. Engineers from all over Europe were gathered at Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel in... read more

Sourcing Alliance with Global PCB Partners

Azitech is part of a sourcing partnership with strategic PCB companies, who have a yearly purchasing power of over 125 million dollars. By having access to this network, we have greatly improved our competitiveness on mass productions of PCBs.

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PPAP approval

Azitech is now able to supply PCBs with PPAP approval, which demands extra documentation regarding reproduction, quality and reliability.

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