Each year, Azitech creates different events that focus on improving PCB layout. These seminars and workshops have world-class instructors and event subjects include: HDI technology, flex PCBs, noise, EMI, and signal integrity.

We are continuously improving our events so they are beneficial to the industry. Please see the list below to get an overview over our upcoming and former events. If you have questions or ideas for event subjects, you are always welcome to give us a call.

NORDIC HDI 2014 seminar room image

Upcoming events

To be determinedAudit trip ChinaHong Kong - ChinaSign-up
2017Hands-on Noise, EMI & SI workshop
(in Altium or Cadence)
UnknownRichard HartleyShow your interest
2017Hands-on HDI PCB design workshop in Altium
(2 days)
UnknownAndy KowalewskiShow your interest
2017HDI PCB design seminar (2 days)UnknownHappy HoldenShow your interest
2017Control of Noise, EMI & SI seminar (2 days)UnknownRichard HartleyShow your interest

Former events

DateEventLocationInstructorParticipants reviews
6-8th September, 2016Azitech at E-16Odense, Denmark
27-28th October, 2015Hands-on HDI workshopHilton, CopenhagenSteven Herbstman
& Happy Holden
3.9 out of 5 stars
5-6th May, 2015Noise, EMI & Signal IntegrityHilton, CopenhagenRichard Hartley4,4 out of 5 stars
5-6th February, 2015Nordic HDI in OsloOslo, NorwayHappy Holden4,4 out of 5 stars
4th February, 2015Flex PCB Design SeminarOslo, NorwayJoseph Fjelstad3,9 out of 5 stars
19-20th November, 2014Noise, EMI & Signal IntegrityRadisson Blu, OdenseRichard Hartley4,8 out of 5 stars
5-6th March, 2014 Nordic HDI 2014Hilton, CopenhagenHappy Holden4,2 out of 5 stars