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Our strategic alliances with PCB factories around the world, ensures fast deliveries on prototypes.
We make sure that your ideas can become reality.


Our PCB factories has a long range of capabilities, meaning limitless possibilities in producing PCB’s.
Please check all of our capabilities out.


If you wish to inquire about a standard prototype, you are welcome to use our webshop – otherwise please contact us.


We offer warehousing-agreements, which means that we store a fixed amount of PCB’s for you ensuring Just-In-Time Delivery.


Azitech offers a free DFM Analysis – by doing this we can check for problems with design rules or optimization of your PCB


We supply you with information about individual technologies or which stackup you wish to use for your PCBs.

Happy Holden Presentation at E18

At Azitech we are thrilled to announce; that Senior PCB Technologist, author of numerous academic paper, former Hewlett-Packard, Foxconn etc. employee Mr Happy T. Holden (https://www.linkedin.com/in/happy-t-holden-4262126) will be participating at Denmark’s... read more