About Azitech

Azitech was established by Robert Dam Ludvigsen in 2004. Since then, we have delivered quality products, good service, and a promise of a good cooperation. We offer customized printed circuit boards between 1 and 56 layers from suppliers placed all over Europe and Asia.

We have a great connection with our suppliers, who have many years of experience. If you choose Azitech ApS, you are guaranteed to save time, resources, and get the product customized exactly to your needs.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you at any time and with any questions you might have.

We offer

  • Complete range of PCB products from 1-56 layers
  • Accumulated purchasing power
  • Sourcing alliance with strategic partners (secures right prices)
  • Climate controlled warehouse facility for Just-In-Time delivery
  • On-site FQC (final quality check)
  • Track and gap down to 35 μm line and space
  • Board sizes up to 540mm x 600mm
  • HDI stacked micro-via design up to 7 levels
  • Flex, flex rigid, and HDI flex rigid
  • None-standard materials with controlling CTE, high TG, halogen, and micro-wave along with aluminium substrates
  • PCB layout service
  • In-house DFM analysis
  • Access to our design and download center
  • Volume production and express service

Our sourcing alliance has built a long and strong relationship with large production partners in both Europe and Asia. This ensures that clients can benefit from an accumulated purchasing power and a wide range of qualified, world class suppliers and manufacturers. Our field offices allow us to efficiently gain local access to production facilities, where we can monitor and secure quality.

Our mission

Azitech’s mission is to be the preferred HDI PCB supplier on the Danish market. 
We want to give the best advice in the shortest time span on printed circuit board technology and outsourcing according to price, quality, and DFM (Design for Manufacturability). Azitech wants to offer all types of printed circuit boards regardless of volume, technology, and requirements.

Our vision

Azitech wants to be known and recognized for being the supplier that brings added value to customers through thoughtful service solutions and a safe combination of products, advice, and knowledge. We want to be known for creating great customer experiences.

Azitech will cover the Danish market and work towards covering Sweden and Norway. Azitech will be a socially oriented, environmentally conscious, and provide a challenging and inspiring workplace for competent colleagues. We will ensure satisfactory financial results for both our customers and suppliers.